On January 8 and 10, 2015, two consultative meetings were held with the Ethiopian Diaspora health professionals in Ottawa at the invitation of Cuso International (www.cusointernational.org).

The Association for Higher Education and Development (AHEAD) played a key role in facilitating the two meetings, carrying out an outreach among medical professionals in Ottawa. (www.aheadonline.org)

The main purpose of the meeting was to brief Ethiopian Diaspora health professionals about the work of Cuso International and its Diaspora Engagement Program in Ethiopia.

AHEAD Chairman and Executive Director, Mr. Temesghen Hailu, welcomed the groups with a presentation about the work of AHEAD since its establishment in1999. In his presentation, Mr. Hailu said that the effects of brain drain in Ethiopia could be addressed through the intellectual, financial and social capital of the Ethiopian Diaspora.

On his part, Mr. Osei Nana, Project Officer – AU Diaspora Volunteer Corps, Cuso International, spoke about the mission and activities of Cuso International, focusing on its Diaspora engagement work in Ethiopia. Mr. Osei noted, in his presentation, that Ethiopian health professionals in the Diaspora have a vital role to play in supporting Ethiopia’s health sector.

The Group welcomed the initiative by AHEAD and Cuso International to reach out to health professionals and agreed to meet again to discuss more concrete steps for Diaspora engagement in the health sector.


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