Starting out as a small, volunteer-run and member-funded organization, AHEAD has, over the years, successfully developed a strong and reliable base of supporters who not only understand and appreciate our cause but have, time and time again, willingly extended a helping hand when called upon. We owe a big debt of gratitude to all those who, since our inception almost fifteen years ago, supported with their time, money and morale support our efforts to carry out our objectives and, in the process, became AHEAD’s family. We, in return, have maintained all our activities transparent and continue to do so. Accountability is a key guiding principle at AHEAD and we ensure that each and every person who has contributed to AHEAD knows exactly how and where their assistance has been channelled. Friends of AHEAD provide support in a number of ways, including:

  •  Donations of books, journals, equipment and other items
  •  Use of facilities, resources and publicity for AHEAD functions
  •  Donations of dishes, drinks and other items necessary for fund-raising activities
  •  Voluntary assistance in fund-raising and other activities
  •  Provision of expert advice as necessary
  • Carrying books and equipment to Ethiopia
  • Financial or other in kind contributions

Please check back this page periodically as we will use it to feature Friends of AHEAD – past and present. Would you like to get involved with AHEAD? Find out how here!