AHEAD-Cuso International Consultation Meeting with Ethiopian Diaspora Health Professionals

AHEAD and Cuso International would like to extend sincere appreciation to all participants for their attendance and active participation in the Consultation Meeting on January 13, 2016. There were 22 people at the meeting, including: 13 professionals who attended in person in Ottawa, 7 professionals via satellite from Cuso International Toronto office and 2 professionals…


AHEAD Award Recipients (AAU)

In keeping with its mission, effective September 2015, AHEAD will launch the AHEAD Award for Academic Excellence (hereafter called AHEAD Award).  Recipients of the AHEAD Award will be drawn from medical schools in four universities.  The AHEAD Award will be made annually, at the beginning of academic year.


AHEAD AND Cuso International host two consultative meetings of Ethiopian Diaspora Health professionals

On January 8 and 10, 2015, two consultative meetings were held with the Ethiopian Diaspora health professionals in Ottawa at the invitation of Cuso International ( The Association for Higher Education and Development (AHEAD) played a key role in facilitating the two meetings, carrying out an outreach among medical professionals in Ottawa. ( The main…

Ethiopian Universities, do you owe a debt? AHEAD fellows Ottawa (June 13, 2007) – Since its establishment in 1999, AHEAD has been moving fulfilling its mandate with resilience and determination. The last eight years have not been easy, but what we have done is worth every pain. One of AHEAD’s source of pride is the Bursary Program for Medical Students…