Collection and Distribution of Material and Financial Resources

AHEAD runs several programs in support of medical faculties in various universities in Ethiopia. These include:

Bursary Program – AHEAD operates a bursary program for medical students at the Universities of Addis Ababa, Gondar, Jimma and Mekelle. These monthly stipends, awarded on the basis of academic standing and financial need, help selected students supplement their funds for small necessities that are otherwise not covered. They are provided for 3 consecutive years until the student begin their internship.

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Research on Diaspora Engagement

Starting with a study published in 2004 (Semantics Aside: The Role of the African Diaspora in Africa’s Capacity Building Efforts), AHEAD has been actively involved in conducting and promoting research on the development role of diaspora communities in their countries of origin. Semantics Aside, the first study of its nature to be conducted by an African diaspora group, sought to examine the potential role – if any – of the African diaspora in the capacity building efforts of the continent.

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